How to Fix the “Error Message” Problem When Using Your R4 3DS Card

The R4 3DS cards are nifty little gadgets that can increase the functionality of your Nintendo 3DS portable game console.

The R4 3DS cards, although useful for Nintendo 3DS owners, might show some errors from time to time.

Now, there are a lot of errors that an R4 3DS card user may face but there is a common problem that’s been plaguing a lot of users as of late.

Today, I am going to talk about how to fix the “Error Message” problem when you’re using your R4 3DS card.

Now, what do I mean by the “Error Message” problem? Well, during the normal operation of your Nintendo 3DS, it might come back with an error which states that “An error has occurred. Press and hold the power button to turn the system off. Please refer to the Nintendo 3DS operations manual for more details”.

There are two probable causes as to why this error is occurring. For one, that might be because the microSD card you’re using is not formatted correctly.

In order to solve this issue, plug your microSD card into the USB card reader and plug it into your PC.

Next, after the computer recognizes your microSD card, right-click on it and select “Format”. There is a drop down menu that will pop up. Select “FAT32” and then click the format button.

Allow the computer to format the microSD card (it should only take a few seconds). After which, try plugging the microSD card into your R4 3DS card and try again.

Now, if you’ve done formatting your microSD card and you’re still experiencing the same issue, then it is time to update the R4 3DS card’s firmware/kernel.

Each and every card on the market is run by a firmware or kernel and it has to be constantly updated to ensure that the issues that may arise will be fixed.

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It is very easy to flash a new kernel to your R4 3DS card. Just make sure that you fully charge your Nintendo 3DS portable game console beforehand.

In order to flash your R4 3DS card with the latest kernel, you have to download the latest ones over at the manufacturer’s website.

Go visit your R4 3DS card’s manufacturer website and download the latest kernel or firmware updates.

Next, unpack the files and put them in the root folder of your R4 3DS card. Plug the R4 3DS card into your Nintendo 3DS and power it on.

There should be a prompt stating that a new kernel update has been found. If the prompt doesn’t appear, go to the interface of your R4 3DS card and choose “update kernel”.

Just follow on-screen instructions and after a few minutes, your R4 3DS card should have the new kernel in place.

The new kernel update will surely fix the issues that were present before you flashed the update.

If, however, you still experience the same error message, then it might be time to ship the card back and ask for a replacement.