Xbox Scorpio is Powerful Says One Prominent Gaming Company

Just when other companies are focusing on more game content, in the recently concluded E3 2016 event, Microsoft is not shy of releasing more information about their new Xbox Scorpio.

The gaming company divulged great information about their upcoming game console, even went to say that the game console will probably be “the best of its kind” when it releases during the Holidays of 2017.

I’ve already outlined the fact that the Xbox Scorpio is indeed one of the most powerful game consoles to be released.

It will support not only 4K gaming but it can also support VR gaming as well. VR is going to be mainstream in the next five years and it is nice to see that Microsoft is looking into the future.

The Xbox Scorpio is indeed powerful and one prominent gaming company thinks so too. Take-Two Interactive is a gaming company and its CEO, Strauss Zelnick was just recently interviewed.

He was asked what he thinks about the upcoming game consoles, particularly the Xbox Scorpio and Sony’s Playstation Neo.

He said that the game consoles look promising and he loves the fact that these two game consoles are looking to support VR gaming.

As previously mentioned, VR gaming will become mainstream in the coming years and this provides a good avenue for game developers to create VR games for public consumption.

He also went on to say that the next-gen game consoles are “great news” as it gives not only the game developers but the general public the ability to enjoy new gaming innovations in the future.

Now, there was a growing concern among gamers that console games might get too pricey for some, if not, most gamers.

Zelnick quickly dismisses this notion and says that, if anything, the price increase will just be minimal and not too big that it would be a cause for concern.

Seeing that the Xbox Scorpio is backwards-compatible, Zelnick believes that the Xbox Scorpio will have a competitive lineup of games at an affordable price.

Not all game developers are happy with the upcoming game consoles, though. It was reported that Bioware co-founder Greg Zeschuk didn’t want the new innovation because it is a pain in the a** for game developers.

You see, when a new platform comes, game developers must quickly adapt to the new standard in order to stay relevant.

But, Zelnick believes that there isn’t too alarming about this. He said that innovation will always drive the gaming companies forward.

Also, he thinks that the new gaming platform and the direction of gaming a few years from now are quite positive.

Despite the fact that the Xbox Scorpio and the Playstation Neo will be released next year, Zelnick still believes that the current gen gaming consoles will still stay relevant at least for another 2 years.

This means that game console owners need not worry about getting too outdated with the trend as game developers are still creating new content with the current generation game consoles.

Anyway, the Xbox Scorpio finally receives a tentative release date (Holidays 2017) while it is still unclear when the Playstation Neo will be released (most probably next year).